SACE Certificate


The SACE is made up of two parts: Stage 1 (which most students do in Year 11) and Stage 2 (which most students do in Year 12).

Students need to get 200 credits to achieve the SACE, through a mixture of compulsory and free-choice subjects and courses.

Students work will be assessed using an 'A to E' grading system in Year 11 and an 'A+ to E–' grading system in Year 12. These systems are supported by rigorous quality assurance processes.

To be awarded the certificate, you will need to achieve a C grade or better for the compulsory Stage 1 subjects — the Personal Learning Plan and English and Mathematics subjects. You will also need to achieve a C– grade or better in 60 credits of Stage 2 subjects including 10 credits for the Research Project.

Senior secondary students learn through a combination of Open Access, eLeaning and face-to-face delivery models. The other subjects and courses span a wide range of learning areas: Arts; Business, Enterprise, and Technology; English; Languages; Health and Physical Education; Humanities and Social Sciences; Mathematics; and Sciences. Flexibilities in the SACE include cross-disciplinary subjects and recognition of community learning.

For more details about how the SACE works, check out the Achieve publications:

Two editions are produced each year – one for students commencing Stage 1 and another for students undertaking course counselling for Stage 2.


The Stage 1 edition is designed to be used with students beginning their Personal Learning Plan – this edition explains key SACE concepts for students and families. SACE Coordinators receive this edition early in Term 1 each year.


The Stage 2 edition is designed to be used in course counselling, before students start Stage 2. It is focused on subject choices and other options for Year 12 and beyond. SACE Coordinators receive this edition towards the end of Term 2 each year.

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