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Presentation Evening Tonight

We look forward to seeing you all at 7pm for our Presentation Evening. Can all students please be dressed in school uniform for this event.

School Newsletter

This week's scheduled newsletter will be published Thursday instead of Tuesday due to our External School Review happening now.

External School Review 2022

As part of our continuous school improvement process, we will be involved in an external school review with a Department for Education review team.

The purpose of external school reviews is to support us to raise achievement, sustain high performance and provide quality assurance to build confidence in public schools.

 All public schools are generally externally reviewed every 3 years.

The focus of the external school review is to evaluate our school's performance. The review team includes a review officer and one or more review principals. Our school review will occur on Monday 21 November.

The review team will identify aspects of our school's improvement that have been verified through the review processes, as well as the improvements that we need to make in the future.

During the external school review, some students, parents, governing council members and staff will be asked to provide information to the review team in a number of ways. These include:

  • group discussions (with students or staff or parents)
  • meetings (governing council, staff meeting)
  • visits into classrooms.

We appreciate everyone's support and time in helping us with this external school review process.

Don't hesitate to contact the front office on 08 8648 6101 if you do not want your child to participate.

If you want more information, please contact me on 8648 6101.

Andrew Gilsenan-Reed

Term 4 - Hats

All learners are required to wear a hat during Term 4 when outside. Please ensure your child brings a broadbrimmed hat daily.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

The LS polo shirts have been restocked, starting at a size 6. They are priced at $30. Please call into the finance office to purchase them

Safe School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Staff have noticed a significant increase in parents dropping their children at school in unsafe zones, particularly on West Terrace opposite the staff carpark.

Quorn Area School has three designated drop-off and pick-up zones; the carpark next to the Skate Park on Railway Terrace allows students to safely use the Koala Crossing, Stokes Road and the Gymnasium carpark.

The staff carpark is not an entry point for students coming to school.  It is also unsafe for children to cross the road at this point, especially if traffic is turning left off Railway Terrace.

For the safety of all road users, we ask that you please use the designated areas for all school drop-offs and pick-ups.

Mobile Phones - Update

Quorn Area School is committed to ensuring a safe and effective learning environment for all learners. Recently our teachers have noticed a significant increase in mobile phone use and dependency across the secondary school, and they are concerned about the potential impact on learning. In response to this, we will be updating our mobile phone policy and introducing dedicated phone storage options in line with many schools across the state.


The first stage of this shift in policy will involve teachers collecting mobile phones at the beginning of each lesson from Monday, 29 August. Teachers will then store the phones in a locked room for the entirety of the lesson. Upon completion of the lesson, the teacher will return the phone to the learner.


We thank you for your continued support in ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for all stakeholders.


If you need to reach your child during the day, you can contact the school on 86486101.

Andrew Gilsenan-Reed

Stokes Road
Quorn SA 5433

Phone: 08 8648 6101