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Walk Safely to School - Friday

On Friday the 25th of September, Quorn Area School will be holding a Walk to School Day to recognize the 'National Walk Safely to School Day' which was held on the 11th September 2020. The day promotes road safety, health, public transport and the environment. We would appreciate it if all students and teachers could join us at 8:15 at the Railway Station and everyone is encouraged to wear their team colours (Yarrah and Kanyaka) on the day. When we arrive at school, there will be a pancake breakfast provided.

Students and teachers will receive a point for their team for participating in the walk. Students will also get the opportunity to help their team gain more points through an activity hosted by their teacher, teaching in lesson 1. 

We look forward to your support.

Smith Family Financial Scholarship

You may be eligible to apply for the 'Learning For Life Program' through The Smith Family for 2021. This provides families with the opportunity to increase their children's success at school. There are educational programs as well as financial support available for families. 

Please see the attached information to see whether you are eligible. You can then make a time with Sarah Bury to complete the referral form.

The Smith Family

F-6 Big Talk Homework

Students will be writing a persuasive letter tomorrow with the topic being 'Council should put in a .......'. Please discuss ideas tonight.

Camp & Excursion Notices, Years 1-5

Can families please return Camp & Excursion consent forms so we have an indication of numbers for planned activities.

F-6 Big Talk Homework

Tomorrow students will be writing a persuasive text with the topic being 'Should school lunches be provided by the school everyday'.

Year 3/4/5 Camp Notices

A reminder to please return your consent forms for the 3/4/5 camp so we can obtain an early indication of numbers. Thanks,

Happy Haven - Relief Staff

Happy Haven OSHC are looking for enthusiastic and professional Educators!

Interested applicants will require as a minimum:
- Working with children check
- DECD approved 7hr RAN-EC (Responding to Abuse and Neglect in an Education and Care environment) training
- For qualified staff they will also require first aid training (course code HLTAID004) and a diploma in children’s services/OSHC or equivalent (2 years full time teaching  degree).

We are interested in both Qualified and entry level educators to join our relief and Vacation Care pool of staff.

If interested, please send your resume and any relevant certificates to, and mention you are interested in work at Quorn Area School.

Stokes Road
Quorn SA 5433

Phone: 08 8648 6101