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Starting school is an exciting time of change for children and families. There are many things you can do to prepare for the changes. Helping children to feel confident and positive about school will give them a good start.

A time of change

Starting school is an exciting time of change for children and families. Parents can help children to feel confident and positive about school by talking with them about the school routine and class expectations, borrowing books from the library with positive messages about learning or by sharing happy stories from your own school days.

Parents can also help children to build confidence and optimism by encouraging a habit of positive thinking. Asking children to tell you about the good things that happen each day helps to develop this healthy habit.

When will my child start school?

Children in South Australia must be enrolled in primary school by their sixth birthday. Most children will attend preschool or childcare in the year before starting school.

South Australian Government schools have one intake only for children at the start of each year. Children turning five before May 1 will start at the beginning of term one in that year and children turning five on or after May 1 will start at the beginning of the following year. Please check intake arrangements with the school.


It is expected that all students will attend school wearing our recently updated school uniform. School colours are bottle green, navy and gold. School polo shirts, hoodies, shorts, track pants and school dresses are available for sale in the finance office during school hours. Students are required to wear wide brimmed hats outside at all times during Terms 1 and 4 to protect children from sun damage.

Year 11/12 students have the option of designing and purchasing a ‘Seniors’ top, which are in school colours with the option of one other colour. The design is negotiated annually.

Health and safety is also an important aspect of our uniform, including appropriate footwear, and students are expected to dress appropriately for work in practical subjects e.g. Science, Home Economics, Technical Studies and Physical Education/Sport.. Protective clothing, jewellery and the protection of hair need to be considered.

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The local takeaway shop provides a lunch service to the students at Quorn Area School. Students place their orders at the front office Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, from where orders are collected by the takeaway shop and returned to the school in time for lunch. Each student must place his or her order on the form provided, together with the money in a snap-lock bag or envelope. Students are not to leave school grounds and make their own way to the shop for lunch unless parent consent is given.


Assessment for learning is an integral part of our teaching program. We plan for assessment when we develop our teaching and learning activities. The major purpose of assessment is to improve student learning through the information and experiences that students, teachers and parents gain from the variety of assessment strategies used.

Regular feedback is given to students both formally and informally, and reporting to parents on student achievement and progress occurs in the following ways:

  • Formal parent/teacher 3 way interviews.
  • Full subject reports: Term 1 & 3
  • Informal communication between parents and teachers via the diary, phone or email contact – as required.


Parent-teacher & student interviews are a great way to find out how your child is going and show interest in your child’s learning and school life.

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A warning bell will sound 5 minutes before the start of the school day and after breaks, at which time students should move to class so that teaching can commence on time.

Lesson times are detailed in the following table:


Start Finish
CARE GROUP 8:45 8:55
Lesson 1 8:55 9:50
Lesson 2 9:50 10:45
FIRST BREAK 10:45 11:15
Lesson 3 11:15 12:05
Lesson 4 12.05 1:00
LUNCH 1.00 1:20
Lesson 5 1:20 2:15
Lesson 6 TUESDAY - FRIDAY ONLY 2:15 3:05


Education is much more than simply sending children to school every morning. The Department for Education (DfE) has information for parents and the community that will help them understand more about the education system, support services, and how they can be involved in their children's education.

Quorn Area School also encourages and embraces volunteers within the school, in any number of roles. If you are considering becoming a volunteer at Quorn Area School, please complete and return this form to the front office and a site leader will contact you when a volunteering opportunity arises.

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