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About us

‘Developing and promoting a strong sense of school spirit and community‘ is what drives Quorn Area School’s Parents & Friends (P&F) group to actively support our local school. P&F consists of volunteers from different year levels as well as friends of Quorn Area School who work closely together with school staff and students to not only raise funds to provide resources or improvements for the school but also to raise awareness on pertinent issues such as a sustainable environment, anti-bullying and health & well-being.

The P&F committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets monthly during term-time. With the aim of promoting communication and coordination within the school structure, we also work closely with Quorn Area School’s leadership, School Counsellor and Pastoral Care Support Worker.

Connecting people – not just fund-raising

By helping to connect parents & friends to the school, we aim to bring the school and community more closely together, and for families to feel they are truly part of the fabric of the school.

Among many other things P&F have recently:

  • Supported working bees targeting improvements to the Junior Primary Playground Area and will provide financial support to create a nature-based play area for younger students.
  • Helped the school to win a $30,000 grant to ‘cool the school & community gym’, located on the school grounds. In the process P&F brought a wider variety of community members together to ‘vote’ for the project, with resounding success
  • Supported school sports by funding uniforms & other resources
  • Raised funds through soup sales, raffles and other activities that will be invested back into the school in the form of books, storage for students, etc.
  • Enjoyed getting to know students, new families and ‘having a go’.

Joining P&F

We warmly welcome parents & friends to join our committee and/or to join with us in supporting our school. We recognise that every individual brings different ideas and talents and we also know that time is precious. We value parent involvement more than just being on every fundraiser.

We look forward to your support. We also acknowledge the generosity of many contributors to the success of our fundraising and activities over the past year and thank the school community for its ongoing support.

If you would like more information about the P&F please contact Quorn Area School or via the “Parents and Friends Quorn Area School” Facebook page.

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    Stokes Road
    Quorn SA 5433

    Phone: 08 8648 6101