School Leadership

Andrew Gilsenan-Reed - Principal Matt Griffiths - Senior School Leader Sarah Bury - Middle School Leader Monique Griffiths - Primary School Leader


In previous years at Quorn Area School, SRC members have assumed the role of leadership across the school, organizing many events and activities. House captains have been nominated by their peers and active in leadership roles, predominantly during term 1 of each school year.

This new structure of student leadership within the school will assist students to further develop their leadership skills, voice their opinions, share their concerns and promote school spirit.


SCHOOL PREFECT: As the most significant student leaders in the school, school captains are expected to: communicate with staff and students, 
be positive role models, speak in public, be active in school and the school community, provide input in school decisions and meet regularly with the Principal.

Shalaynee Brady, Aiden Hately-Bell, Tayla Finlay


HOUSE CAPTAINS: The role of a House Captain is to encourage all students to participate in House activities, such as Athletics, Swimming and extra curricular sport. They are to set a good example and must at all times embody the school’s values. House captains are required to attend meetings, co-ordinate sign-ups for events, organise banners and house merchandise, marshal people for events and encourage house spirit.

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