BYOD User Agreement

Quorn Area School is committed to a Bring Your Own Device Policy as a sustainable way for the School to have students from Year 7 -12 having access to technology both at school and at home. The success of the programme is supported by standards and policies to enable students to make good decisions in regard to their use of technology.

This BYOD User Agreement must be agreed to and signed before students are permitted to bring their device to school and to connect it to school facilities.

Students and parents/caregivers must carefully read the BYOD Policy prior to signing the Agreement. Any questions should be addressed to the school for clarification.
Should you have any further queries, please contact Matt Griffiths.

Please ensure that the following permission form is completed for the use of your own device.

Student Details:

Date Of Birth

Parent/Guardian Details

Student Agreement

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Parental Consent

I certify that I have read and agree with the information provided by the school in relation to the BYOD Policy, including the guidelines and device specifications.

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