Governing Council

Quorn Area School’s Governing Council is responsible for the governance of all decisions based on the future directions of the site.

The foundation of Quorn Area Schools governance is that of the local community - parents, teachers, principal and member of the local community best equipped to determine the needs of their children and, therefore the policies and strategic direction of the school. Jointly the council monitor and report progress to continually enhance the performance of the school and the achievements of its students.

A governing council meets regularly to talk about the direction of the site. The timing of meetings can be different for each site, but it’s usually twice a term.

In your role on a governing council, you work with the site leader to:

  • involve the local community
  • develop and approve local policies
  • set the broad direction and vision of the site
  • monitor and review the site improvement plan
  • be the employing authority of some services, including OSHC and canteen.

Site leaders work with governing councils to:

  • give educational leadership
  • carry out the site’s policies
  • carry out the site improvement plan.

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Stokes Road
Quorn SA 5433

Phone: 08 8648 6101